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Saturday, April 24, 2010

no title :-p

ni lah egg rolls toaster!~

pnh tgk kuih ni??

bhgn dlm toaster~

kuih love letter @ kuih rokok @ kuih kapit
want some??? hehe....

Erti syukur….

12 yrs ago, I didn’t knoe wht’s internet. do u?
But then, they teach me, email n bla3x, but I used it more juz for fun games, n pictures
Aftr 4 yrs, I know how 2 use d emails, networking n bla3x

Back then, it is wired, so u hv to share, n ‘berebut’ wif ur other siblings
Sometimes d lines are very999x bad
Then, ur parents will go mad as d bills r $$$$
The relatives will scold bcoz cant get thru d phone hse

But now, u pay fixed $$ & use it 24/7
Moreover, it’s wireless [no need to berebut anymore]
D lines r quite fast & not disturbing any of ur calls

Tapi….bile rosak u will go mad…!!~ [huhu…]
Seriously, terlalu sikit diri ini bsykur
Aku slalu blame others coz not being understdg esp wif ppl from diff era
Tp aku xpnh pk, org dulu lg susah….
Bukan takat hp je xde, tpon umh pn xde
Bukan takat aircond xde, kipas pn xde [electric pn xde lg ms tu]
Bukan takat kete je xde, kdg2 tu motor pn xde, beskal pn jdk la…

Ye, aku slalu tlupa, sbb slalu sgt dilimpahi kemewahan [ bkn la mewah, tp sme aku nk msti dpt…]
Ye, slalu tlupe nk bsyukur dgn stiap kurniaan Allah

Org dlu, mmg la lain cara idupnye
Dlu hp br je wujud, tenet br je ade, student yg pki kete mmg ank org kaye lah
Tp skrg, sume tu lain, hp 1 kprluan, knk2 skcik 4 thun pn ade hp
Knk2 7 thun pn tahu mcm mn nk gune internet
Skrg, sme org leh pki kete [sbb tu parking kt uni tu sentese pnoh]

So, kite bgerak dgn arus….ape yg kte kecapi arinih sbb kesusahan org dlu
Xkan ade Bandar, kalu xde kampong

Kdg2 bile susah sket je, kte slalu merungut
Marah, sedih, sakit hati
Tp xpnh pk, ape yg Allah jdkn ni, adlh yg tbaik utk kite
Allah nk uji thp keimanan kite, lgpn Allah xkan uji hmbaNya klu mrka xmmpu
Ya Allah, knape tlalu sikit aku bsykur???
Ya Allah, Kau tetapknlh hatiku ini, tnjuknlh aku jln yg lurus, jln yg Kau redhai….

Ampuniku Ya Allah, yg sering melupakanMu
Ya Allah, jadikan kami hamba yg slalu bsyukur, limpahi kami kurniaMu

Moral of d story: jgn la slalu merungut, bykkn zikrullah…..slalu bertahmid!!
Bhgia tu ckuplah dgn AMAN, SIHAT, CUKUP!!!
Org yg dh kecapi kbhgian : dpt wanita@lelaki soleh, rumah yg luas n selesa, jiran yg baik & kenderaan yg bgus…hoho [personally br dpt 1, tp klu ikot fmly view, dpt 3…….yg no1 tu je lom dpt lg]…..ape2 pn bsyukurlah dgn ape yg Allah bg, it’s not d time yet!!! Hehe…..

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Post-exam syndrome!~

ok, i'm free now 4 bout a week!!! yeehhaaa

but hv pre-fyp hw 2 b submitted soon[a week to go]....hoho

ok, enough 4 dat!!!

let's hv fun ~~ heeee ^*_*^

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Hey...you guys are the incompatibles people in the world. You are so strong, physically and mentally... You are often have big-aims. You will work hard and hard to get there. Normally you suffer in the early age from family problems and generally you will have fighting life.. But when you achieve what you have done, it's always a big task you have done! You are so much respected in the community, you are a person who can make a challenge and successfully finish the matter off. You are very naughty in your younger age, often beaten up by your parents and involve in fights and you seemed to have lots of injuries in your life time. But when u grow you become calm and macho type. Love is not an easy matter for you.. You are good in engineering or banking jobs coz people always trust you. Your family life is very good, but will have worries over your children.. Your such qualities are humanitarian, patient, very wise & compassionate. You are born to achieve targets and serve every one all equally without any prejudice. You are totally a role model to anybody in the world for a great inspiration. Your Best match 3, 5, 6, 9. Good match 2

it;s juz fb quiz ......xpercaye , juz 4 fun~~