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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Raya Qurban kali ni...

Daging2 tuk diagihkan kpd mreke yg berhak :-)

Daging2 sblom diasingkn & dibungkus

Daging2 yg digantung, cm kt psr lak, tp ade lak jeep nyebuk ctu

Hallooo there!!! It's been 2 days I didnt update my blog. hehe, coz excited consuming too much of beef!!~

Raya Qurban this year was awesome! I had so much fun. I guess evry raya Qurban is d best compared wif raya Eidulfitri celebration. But eidulfitri is fun too coz I get lots n lots of duit raya. Eiduladha is more meaningful for adults I guess, coz we can gathered n do qurban in our kampung. aBOVE are d pics I've captured dat day.

I still rmbr last raya qurban, we had fmly gathering from our grand-grandfather sides. So, it;s quite memorable, myb once in a life time (if they dun hv any intention to held it later in d future). hehe, I wrote bout it in my previous blog, but i cant link it coz it has bcame a private blog now.

As usual, early in d morning, I went to d mosque to perform Solat sunat raya wif my fmly. & then we went to our "kampung" in d middle of Ktn town. hehe, my parents n siblings join d qurban, & I;m there help a lil bit , but most of d time, I'm d photographer...haha. but b4 that, we enjoying d pot luck. I still rmbr d moment I enjoying my meal, suddenly there was "perahsantan" guy kept asking me, " u xknl i ke? u xpnh tgk mke i ke?" Actually I wanted to say to him " if u r medic or doc or whtsoever, u igt i heran ke? y shud i knoe u? I'm not tkg d same course as urs, so y shud i know u? bla3x, i wanted to say it loud, but we r in centre of attention, so I just behave myself. I f only my mom, aunties were not there, I will say it loud. (ok, enough 4 dat, I want to 4get bout dat moment, wif d most annoying ppl in d world)

Then, yesterday, my kazen's engagement day. She was in pink, like it!!~ hehe. After that, at night, my uncle held a "kenduri", so mkn2 gulai kawah, d sambal is superb, so HOOOTTTT. Whtever it is, I enjoyed this raya.

p/s: plz pray 4 my friends, me & whoever is waiting 4 d results. smoge kami sume lulus dgn cemerlang dlm exm, dunia, n akhrt! amin...insyaAllah

"Katakanlah kepada hamba-hambaKu yang beriman hendaklah mereka mendirikan sembahyang dan mendermakan dari apa yang kami kurniakan kepada mereka, sama ada dengan merahsiakan pemberiannya itu atau dengan terbuka; sebelum datangnya hari yang tidak ada jual beli padanya, dan tidak ada sahabat handai (yang dapat memberikan pertolongan)." (Surah Ibrahim:31)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Salam Eiduladha!!!

SElamat ari raya Qurban @ HAji @ AidilAdha sumer!!~^_^~
Sempena raye qurban, marilah kte sm2 mengenang kmbli ksh Nabi Ibrahim dan anknye. Bljrlh mengenal erti pngorbanan yg sbnr!~ (sbnrnye xtau nk tls ape d mlm2 ry ni)
JAdi di kesempatan ini, nk minx maaf laa kat korg sume dr ujung rmbut ke hujung kasut..hok3x. Klu2 ade slh silap, mintak maaf lahir n batin! Jgn dismpn lam ati! Klu aku ade bhutang pape dgn korg, esp duit ke....sile la bgtau, kot2 tlpas pndg or xigt lgsg.
Nk ucapkn time kasih gk to my parents: mak, abah, fmly, kazens, friends dr tadika, skol ren, fardu ain, skol men, ma3x, & uia. Hrp maaf & time kasih di ats pgbrnn kalian sume dlm melayani kerenahku!~ heehee
"Dan Kami tidak mengutuskan seseorang Rasul melainkan dengan bahasa kaumnya supaya ia menjelaskan (hukum-hukum Allah) kepada mereka. Maka Allah menyesatkan sesiapa yang dikehendakiNya (menurut undang-undang peraturanNya), juga memberi hidayah petunjuk kepada sesiapa yang dikehendakiNya (menurut undang-undang peraturanNya); dan Dia lah jua Yang Maha Kuasa, lagi Maha Bijaksana." (Surah Ibrahim: 4)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Salam evry1!!! How r u today? How was ur day? Is it ok or k.o? hehe

Let's flashback to 2004 (dec), I was introduced to blog world from 1 of my chatting fren. She said blogging kinda ur diary (tnpe mmikirkn apekh itu, aku pn buat la, n btoi2 wat cm diary). LURUS BENDUL sguh. So, i wrote evrything there n post some of my fave lyrics. But then after continuing my stdy in MCIIUM (bkn adk bradek McD ok!) It's hard to get internet access there, n i dun own any lappy or pc. So, in Mciium, i'm kinda in concrete jungle (seriously!!!! no trees, u will only see iium buildings only coz my hostel in d centre of ATTEnTIon (pe aku mrepek ni??)

Ok, after i finished stdying at dat ConCrete jungle, I started to create friendster's blog (still tym ni xphm lg mksud blog 2 ape??) So, i juz create it as suke2...n post some lyrics here n there. But then, when I deleted my fs, I thought FS blog pn lenyaplah. (Rupe2nye ade gk pminatku sering m;bc nyer...) So, I deleted it too, huhu, sorry, coz i dun like sharing my privat personal thingy wif others esp d past!!

Ok, fast 4wd to 2008, whre I starting Blogspotting...where now I know a lil bit bout blog, tq 2 my frens yg bg tnjuk ajr tu. I think diz blog is quite famous, coz my frens put my link @ their blog list, TQ2!!! Few months l8r, i found out dat, there is grup of ppl really appreciate my writing (TQ, shukran, TO CHEY, time kasih, Gracias). But as usual not all of 'em like my writing, so there's grup of ppl condeming my blog, bla bla ( ni msti kes trase, sbb tu kecoh xpuas ati, pastu xmo bg name sbnr...hahaha). So, I make it private n only d chosen 1 can login 2 my blog! heh. Now, I make d blog as a fully private blog....i like!!!

Next, wordpress is my next victim. hehe, early diz yr, make it. Nothing much there, but I still like d content, but due to my short memory of d password, I cant open it.

So, here I am, creating new blog, to share my opinions, knowledge, thoughts, feeling, n bla bla bla. So, this blog is quite diff from my other blogs, which I dun want to make any blog lists n mp3 players. Sorry, I juz wanna b new me, wif new style of blogging!!

"Sesungguhnya orang-orang yang tidak percaya kepada hari akhirat, Kami jadikan perbuatan-perbuatan buruk mereka kelihatan baik kepada mereka; oleh itu, tinggalah mereka meraba-raba dalam kesesatan. " (An-Naml: 4)


Lately I love playing gamesss online on fb. Starting playing sorority life (actually IDK how to play it), then my sista teach me how to play Fashion Wars. This is kinda same as SL. She did ask me 2 play Mafia Wars, but I'm BLURRED....Then, on last Raya, my nephews teach how to play Yoville (kinda interesting,...smpi xkhusyuk aku nk blajo n jwb exm). PAstu si mkck N (bkn name sbnr) ask me to play Cafe world (tp Cik I dh invite dlu....aku mmg btekad nk men pas exm). Hehe, and now I'm starting play farmville n fishville (pasni ank2 sdareku sile men eh, sbb makcu xreti men...hehe)
ok, let me list out d games:
1. SL (xgerak2, xtau cmne nk men)
2. FW (slow moving...)
3. YV (i love baking cookies....amk cakes, spye lm sket, xyah visit sokmo)
4. CW (ni cm besh, sbb rmi sgt my fren men ni, so kne compete laa)
5. FarmV (xreti men, i dun add any neighbours yet..)
6. FishV (cm syiok tp slow moving...ayok..)

"Demi masa, sesungguhnya manusia berada dlm kerugian" (Al 'Asr)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Things to ponder.....


While I was blog-walking, suddenly I found a "senpai's" blog. Things she wrote really "m'insafkn" me. Do u wanna knoe d content? She said that, if she couldn't stop others being "social", it's better 4 her not to go to that particular event. Thanks to her, made me think bout myself, my friends & d environment. Eventhough we didn't join that particular grups or watsoever, but if we're at d same place, we have d job 2 b done here!

I keep reading, n reading, then I realized, evry1 has diff point of view as we r brought up from diff places, time, and cultures. So, I think when I'm writing diz blog, sum1 can take benefits from it, share wif others.

I keep thinking again, d way my snior approach others r diff, compared to others. Diz is wht we called "dakwah yg bkesan n bhemah ye kwn2". Not juz accusing ppl around u, not being so n so. Hv u ever checked their background, how they r raised up, how d cultures. If diz simple tiny thingsss u dun even take a look, or even a glance. How can u "bdakwah" to other religions???

So, things to ponder here, look back at urself b4 u stat accusing others. Then, see d thing or ppl u wanna approach. And then, u list out strategies to b done (mcm metacognitive skills aku blajo la plak). SO, I want to say OUT LOUD that, it's ok wif me coz I'm an OPEN-MINDED person. But how bout others, who cant accept ur advice???? By "tegor" them here n there, it will not solve ur porblem,k! It just getting things worse!!! (and sumtimez they can even hate U!!!! i told diz from my friend's experience)

I think I wanna write more here, but it seems my "bebelan" is lengthy enough. So, I got to STOP here. I write diz juz as my own opinions, if u not satisfied or whtsoever, complaining bout my language, my knowledge, my opinions.....BACK-OFF guyss!!! This is a personal blog, a way for me express my feeling!!!~

"Berkenalanlah kpd Allah pd waktu senang, nescaya Allah akan kenal kamu pada waktu susah. Orang yg menuju Allah dgn b'jln kaki, maka Allah akan menujunya secara berlari"


Assalamualaikum & hi!!

Introducing my fifth blog....i guess....but now d reason for building up a new blog bcoz I forgot d password...huhu.....so, I can't update my blog....so here I am, with my new blog

Now I remember, I hv 4 blogs b4. Starting wif Blogdrive, fs blog, blogspot, and wordpress. And now, using blogspot again, coz IDK any blog's server neymore. Do u know?? let me know, k!!!

Honestly, IDK wht's blog back then in 2004 while using blogdrive, after SPM. but now, I do know wht it is, and it's multifunction. So, it's up to u, either used it in good or bad way....

Okies laa, hope u guys enjoy reading it!!!